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Reimagining bill presentment

Transform the way you manage your bills with our digital presentment solution.

Experience seamless and efficient billing processes with advanced analytics

and integrated payment options.


Digital bill presentment solution

The best way to present bills digitally to customers in a user-friendly interface giving relevant and personalized content with important insights. Digital interactive invoices presented with clear information regarding products, services, usages and charges elevating the customer experience and engagement to unprecedented levels.

Onefaktura offers

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Sophisticated analytics providing customers with valuable insights, and usage trends, giving clear, transparent information, leveraging bill presentment to give customers a more intuitive experience

Customer Experience

Automated complaint logging system streamlining the resolution process and allowing efficient addressing of customer concerns, thereby reducing calls related to billing enquiries

Personalized Communication

Revenue augmentation through the promotion of new products and services. Self servicing capability increases customer engagement within the app fostering customer loyalty and trust, reducing attrition

Our promise

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Seamless integration

Seamless integration to service provider's systems allowing customers to access billing information anytime, anywhere in the digital channels

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Reduced Cost

Significant cost saves by bringing in automated complaint logging system which minimizes billing related calls and resolution time and reduces customer churn.

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Revenue Assurance

Identify revenue leaks through analytics and improve customer trust with precision billing. Increase revenue opportunities through promotion of new products and services in the channel

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About us

Our mission is to revolutionize the realm of bill presentment by introducing a modern platform for service providers to generate bills. Through our platform, companies can augment customer interactions by preemptively addressing potential queries and highlighting novel services via targeted content. Leveraging advanced analytics, we assist our clients in preventing revenue leakage and guarantee accurate invoicing.

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